About Us

At QPC we strive to deliver a consistent and transparent service.

Sadly, in many cases the fragmentation that young people in care have experienced is mirrored by inconsistencies within the care system. We believe that every young person in care deserves to be offered the opportunity to make sense of their situation. That means being honest and open with young people: empowering their Voice.

We endeavour to put our young people’s voices at the centre of services and adopt a whole-system approach that looks at the multiple levels of causality that have led to the child being placed in care.



At QPC our senior managers are not just managers, but leaders, meaning they set a high standard for the care we offer the young people who use our services.

Anthony Nolan – Responsible Individual, Safeguarding Lead and Director

Tony Nolan – Director

Tony qualified as a social worker in the 1980s before going on to complete his Masters in Social Work Studies and a degree in Family Law from Keele. He has many years experience in both fields of social work (in-take and long term teams) and residential child care.

Tony has a history as a campaigning social worker through the campaign against Clause 28, supporting the development of the Albert Kennedy Trust, establishing the first NAYPIC group in Lancashire and the first editions of the Who Cares magazine for children in care. Tony, frustrated with elements of the system that stopped practitioners being able to quickly and creatively meet the needs of young people in crisis or at the edge of the care system moved from the local authority and set up Quality Protects Children with his brother in 2000. Tony is passionate about the company, and strives through the energy of its staff team, to be the best parents we can be to the young people we care for.


Dr Yehuda Marshall – Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Yehuda Marshall – Clinical Psychologist

Yehuda qualified as a Clinical Psychologist in 2008 and went on to work for Pennine Care NHS Trust in one of the CAHMS teams. He has developed an expertise in assessing and treating children and young adults with a range of approaches and models, which include: Psychometric measures, Neurodevelopmental and Dynamic Assessments, Narrative Therapy, CBT and EMDR. He has worked with QPC since 2015.
Yehuda is committed to empower the systems that surround the child and has taken an active role in developing the level and skills of staff teams within the company through training, consultation and supervision.


Nicola Sothern – Senior Manager (Education)

Nicola Sothern – Senior Education Manager, Lawrence House School

Nicola is a qualified teacher with over 12 years’ experience. She has worked in numerous schools and was rated as Outstanding consistently for a period of 12 years before her role developed and she joined the school senior leadership team. Her responsibilities within schools have included Mathematics Leader, PSED Leader and ASEY’s Leader. She also works in conjunction with Edge Hill and Liverpool Hope Universities as a school based mentor for trainee teachers. Nicola drives curriculum development and strategic direction within Lawrence House School as well as mentoring teachers.

Nadine Boden – Support Manager

Nadine Boden –
Support Manager

Nadine has a Bachelors degree with Honours in Computing (very useful in keep technologically savvy young people safe!).

Nadine has gained experience working with children and young people who present emotional and behavioural difficulties having 7 years’ experience working in residential children’s homes. Nadine has held management positions including registered manager since 2014.

Nadine holds a level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management for children and young people.

Nadine has completed a range of bespoke training, some of which are very therapeutically led, these include STORM, ASSIST and Mental health, first aid, SPARCS and AIMS2.

Grahame Crow – Quality Manager

Graham Crow – Quality Assurance Manager

Graham has 35 years experience working in residential childcare, starting as an RCCO in 1983 and progressing to being a service manager in a local authority for Residential and Aftercare.  He has worked as an Operations Manager and Support Manager, as well as a Registered Children’s Home’s Manager in the private sector since 1998. Grahame qualified as a Social Worker in 1997 and has Management and Health and Safety qualifications.