LGBT friendly

QPC is a LGBTIQ friendly organisation, evidenced not only by our commitment to our young people and staff team, but by the company’s achievement of the Navajo Award for the last several years, which is an external quality review of our commitment to providing good practice to our LGBT community.

QPC has our own  LGBT ambassador, so there is pride and visibibility within each of the homes. 

We are proud at QPC for providing safe environments for young people who are in transition , or are questioning gender stereotypes and non binary identification. We have supported young people with the Tavistock and have built up our own understanding of the challenges that the young LGBTIQ and trans community face.

The Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBT Charter Mark is an equality mark sponsored by In-Trust Merseyside & Sefton Embrace and supported by the LGBTI Community networks across Merseyside – a signifier of good practice, commitment and knowledge of the specific needs, issues and barriers facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people in Merseyside.

The Navajo Awards event last year was attended by staff and young people, which was uplifting and affirming. A short video of the event can be seen below:

Lawrence House School adheres to the Liverpool GYRO manifesto for LGBT+ young people in schools called Teach the Teachers.

A short address from our company’s main LGBT Ambassador John Gibbons can be seen here: