LGBTQ Inclusive

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion at Quality Protects Children


Practices & Polices

Quality Protect Children aims to create a fair and just community that promotes social inclusion, community cohesion and equality that respects diversity and which challenges and acts upon all forms of discrimination and inequality.  We aim to normalise diversity, improve visibility and celebrate inclusion. 

Quality Protects Children demonstrates a clear commitment to the promotion of diversity and equality as highlighted in the company Equality & Diversity Policy, Trans Inclusion Policy and our procedures around Bullying & Harassment.   Within all polices is a clear reference to sexual orientation and Trans/gender Identity. Quality Protects Children works actively to celebrate difference and challenge racism, sexism, homophobia and all other forms of prejudice.


Education & Training

As part of the induction process all staff complete Training on Identity & self-esteem and Equality and Diversity.  At least one representative in each home including all members  of the EDI team have competed additional LGBTQ training both online and from providers such as Leeds Beckett University and GYRO- LGBTQ+ Youth (YPAS). 

Staff respect the name and pronoun choice of any young person and will avoid the use of gender specific language. 


Quality Protects Children recognises the value of a workforce which includes people from diverse backgrounds. We actively promote equality and challenge discrimination.    QPC welcomes and encourages job applications from people of all backgrounds.

Within QPC we increase visibility by use of Pride Rainbow lanyard, Pronoun badges and pronoun email signatures. 

All staff work to build alliances with young people and outside agencies, support development of sense of self, belonging and expression and provide a listening ear.   Staff are viewed as a positive role model or ally in championing inclusion. 


Services Users 

There is a continuous focus to ensure that all young people have equal opportunities to achieve and grow into the best versions on them regardless of their gender, ethnic or racial background, religion, ability or sexuality.  We actively promote the British Values of tolerance, fairness, respect for other faiths, and the rule of law and democracy.  These underpin both home and education. 

Quality Protects Children’s commitment to recognising and celebrating diversity is seen by the company EDI team and positive role models.   The team consists of a member of the company Senior Leaders, the LGBTQ Ambassadors, EDI Ambassador from the school and EDI Representative for the young people.   The Ambassadors ensure there is pride and visibility within each of our homes. 

Their contact emails are: and

We are proud at QPC for providing safe environments for young people who are in transition or are questioning gender stereotypes and non-binary identification. We have supported young people with the Tavistock and have built up our own understanding of the challenges that the young LGBTQ and Trans community face.

We share with young people and staff the Get up and Glow Weekly Newsletter brought by LCR Pride Foundation.  QPC promotes community presence and worked with local facilities such as YPAS and GYRO.


Awards and Recognition 

QPC is proud to hold the Navajo Merseyside & Cheshire LGBTQ Charter Mark 2021 – Outstanding Providers. Continuing from receiving the award originally in 2017. The Award is an equality mark sponsored by In-Trust Merseyside & Sefton Embrace and supported by the LGBTQ Community networks across Merseyside – a signifier of good practice, commitment and knowledge of the specific needs, issues and barriers facing lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ) people in Merseyside.

QPC also have their own in-house award, The Charlene O’Neill Memorial Award for Diversity and Inclusion which was created not only as a tribute to the memory of Charlene but to ensure that we as our QPC family continue the fantastic work she was involved in promoting equality, diversity and inclusion for all.  This award is to recognise the incredible work that goes on within the company, celebrating individuals and teams that have accomplished amazing things to make the homes and our workplace a better place for us all.  At the same time, the award aims to foster and raise awareness of impactful and innovative activities in all areas of equality and diversity (including disability, LGBTQ+, race/ethnicity and gender).   

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