Referrals and admissions

QPC can provide placements that are able to meet the needs of many young people. We can evidence that we can and do work with a range of young people with very complex needs, but the process of admissions starts with a very careful matching process, that considers the needs of each young person against the services the home and company are able to offer as well as the mix of issues that are affecting our resident group, as clearly we do not want to adversely affect anyone already living in one of our homes.

A quality matching process depends on you as commissioners providing a full and detailed picture of the young person you wish us to consider. The more complete the information the more accurate the matching process and the greater the chances of a successful placement.


QPC is on many portals and we can consider referrals that come to us through those. However, you can also submit a referral to our referral email address, which is monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week:

Referrals Line (24 Hours) 0151 949 5690



You can also complete and submit an enquiry form on our home page.