Testimonials and accreditations

“Hello my name is Harry, I am twenty-six years old now and I was looked after by QPC for several years when I was younger. I am now working for QPC as a member off staff in one of the homes that I lived in. QPC has been like a family to me and has helped me find my feet, even though I left many years ago they have always been there for me. Now I am proud to be able to use my experience as an ex- Greenwich child in care, to help other young people who need help.”  Harry Smith


“Hello, my name is Neima and I am twenty-one years old. I was looked after by QPC at Bluebell Cottage. When I left Bluebell I was supported in my accommodation near to Bluebell. I decided not to return to London, but to stay close to my children’s home. This area is my home now as I know that I can always turn to QPC for help. I am now working for them as a Residential Child Care Officer as I am able to use my experience to advise and support other young people. I’ve even been helped achieve my life ambition and gain a place at Edge Hill University and I am going to be a midwife. Being in care is hard and often frightening but it helps if you know that where you live don’t just look after you but care for you.” Neima Jama

“I have been very impressed by the work done by staff at Quality Protects with xxxx. All the staff members I met have been ‘there’ for xxxx. They have given her the warmth/affection and the boundaries that she missed out on in her early years, leading to the difficulties she presents now. I was pleased at how you manage to combine concern for xxxx vulnerability, with action to make her understand when she had misbehaved. I consider in working with xxxx that you have always focused on her needs. I found Derby Cottage to be a comfortable and pleasant place to visit and liked the homely atmosphere. Everyone was always very welcoming and staff members were both informal and professional at the same time. The acid test for me is would I like to be there if I was a troubled young person – the answer is yes. I would be safe, cared for, able to have a laugh with staff and, despite probably denying it, know that everyone was working in my best interests.”

Diane Jackson
Children’s guardian, CAFCASS contractor

Other quotes:

“Excellent home, good communication”

“Monthly keyworker reports are very helpful”

“I find it easy to find out any progress by just making a phone call”

“You are always well prepared for Reviews and other meetings”

“Staff seem pleasant and well informed whenever I get in touch”

“The home rings me regularly with any information I may need”

This is note from trainer from Tidal Training who delivered Ligature & First Aid After Ligature Training: