The Clinical Team

The QPC clinical team are able to offer a comprehensive assessment and therapeutic service. All of QPC’s therapeutic work is built on and around QPC’s four practice pillars (attachment, acting as a good parent, permanency and resilience – see here for more information as to what this means to the clinical and care practice).

The process of our clinical work:

Led by Dr Yehuda Marshall, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, the clinical team utilise a 4-stepped approach to our therapeutic work:

  1. Assessment (for additional information please follow this link)
  • Conduct appropriate interviews, including taking a detailed history
  • Select appropriate assessment procedures
  • Administer and interpret standardised psychometric assessments (including WRIT and WRAT)
  • Administer additional bespoke assessments when required
  • Conduct appropriate risk assessment

2. Formulation

A formulation involves creating a narrative around the young person’s background and psychological profile, which allows us to understand their current functioning.

  • Use theory in developing a formulation and action plan
  • Reformulate problems and situations in the light of further information
  • Incorporate socio-political context in formulations

3. Intervention (for additional information please follow this link)

  • Use evidence-based interventions and review current literature
  • Make theory – practice links
  • Adapt interventions to individual needs
  • Utilise and interpret appropriate measures to evaluate outcome
  • Assess when further intervention may not be appropriate

4. Evaluation

  • Utilise individual evaluation and auditing procedures to establish whether the intervention is working.
  • Use the evaluation process to reinforce the existing intervention or to amend accordingly