Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity

Single  Equality Statement

Lawrence House School is a place where every person has the right to be themselves and belong to an environment which is safe and happy. Everyone at our school is equal and should be treated with respect.

As a school, we are committed to creating a culture of respect, where different and disparate views are encouraged and in keeping with the ethos of the school, is of benefit to all students.

Part of our responsibilities to you as the parents/carers of our students is to provide a safe place for our young people to learn and as a measure of our commitment to you we challenge all discrimination and aim to provide positive information about different groups of people, including LGBTQ people, which is non-stereotyping.  We have a clear anti-bullying policy that deals with all types of bullying, including bullying based on faith, gender, disability or sexual orientation.

 All students will eventually take their place in the wider world where they will come into contact with a diverse range of people and as part of that wider community they will meet people with different attitudes and beliefs.   At Lawrence House School we hope that students will continue to apply the lessons learnt around promoting respect and equality across all protected characteristics, including sexual orientation and gender identity, and preparing students for life in diverse 21st Century Britain.


Lawrence House School adheres to the Liverpool GYRO manifesto for LGBTQ+ young people in schools called Teach the Teachers.

LHS is currently working towards the ground-breaking award to recognise our schools’ commitment to addressing LGBTQ issues being run by Leeds Beckett University.   LGBTQ+ Inclusion in Education Award mark gives the schools a research-informed framework for LGBTQ inclusion.  The quality mark will also ensure we are in fulfilment of the Public Sector Equality Duty of the 2010 Equality Act.  Evidence of LHS taking part in the award demonstrates a deep commitment to working towards excellent practice by LGBTQ+ Inclusion a part of our core business.