Health and Wellbeing

Our young people have varying backgrounds and some have lived through adversity, the likes some adults will never comprehend. It is for this reason that mental health is so important as statistics show that children in residential care are more likely to suffer from long-term poor mental health [DfE, 2018]
Lawrence House School has a designed Health & Wellbeing Champion.  The aim of this role is to support LHS’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy by promoting activities in local areas, encouraging students and colleagues to access relevant health and wellbeing opportunities, collating data, and sharing best practices and stories of success. They work to raise the profile and monitor the importance of health and well-being for all LHS students and staff.   The champion completes additional training to allow them to have the knowledge and confidence to support LHS students and staff effectively.  The Champion is involved with the student council, staff CPD, curriculum development, and school assemblies.
Lawrence House School started the Liverpool School Improvement Award in Health and Wellbeing and achieved the Bronze Award in Summer 2021.
This year we are aiming for the Silver Award and hope to achieve this during the academic year 2022/23
Health and Wellbeing is an integral part of any workplace and the role of the Health and Wellbeing Champion was appointed in April 2022 to help support student and staff wellbeing, offer training and feed into the curriculum to ensure all subjects incorporate emotional wellbeing into their scheme and that the school resonates with positive mental health.
Our aims moving forward are to create Health and well-being champions and to create a suitable PSHCE curriculum which embodies mindfulness, positive mental health and coping strategies for our young people to use when they require them.