In September 2018 the school had its full Ofsted inspection and was awarded a good in all areas (the report can be downloaded below). Below are some quotes from the report:

We are particularly proud of our the following comments on the personal development, behaviour, and welfare of children and learners, which is based on the inspector’s evaluation of the extent to which the provision is successfully promoting and supporting children’s and other learners’:

  • The school’s work to promote pupils’ personal development and welfare is outstanding.
  • The outstanding care and support available from teachers and the clinical team helps pupils to find purpose and meaning in their lives.


These comments more than any others speak to what Lawrence House School is all about and that our focus is on students’ well-being. The report makes a number of other positive comments:

  • “Senior leaders, with the full support of the proprietor and governors, have worked tirelessly to ensure that all aspects of the school, including teaching, learning, and safeguarding, are now good.”
  • “The school is a calm and purposeful place, where pupils benefit from a good curriculum which is tailored to their interests.”
  • “Pupils make good progress in a wide range of subjects including English, mathematics, visual and performing arts and sports.”
  • “Teachers, clinical staff and other adults work together highly effectively to meet pupils’ individual learning needs.”
  • Staff morale is high. All staff who spoke with the inspector, and those who completed the inspection questionnaire, said they are proud to work at the school. Staff are appreciative of the training and development opportunities available to them. They enjoy the ‘camaraderie’ and the support available from the ‘fantastic psychology team’.”
  • “Representatives from local authorities are highly complimentary about the school… the school is good value for money…. the school ‘does a good job with difficult children’ refrains from ‘moving pupils on’ to other providers.”
  • “Staff are effective in helping pupils to ‘open up’. This is evident in the thoughtfully crafted music videos, poems, songs and biographical works produced by pupils. These reflect on areas such as gang culture, illegal drug use, and broken family ties.”
  • “Pupils are well prepared for life after school.”
  • “Pupils’ understanding of safe and unsafe situations is exceptionally well developed.”
  • “Pupils’ behaviour in class is usually impeccable…  good dialogue between pupils and teaching staff.”
  • “Pupils are proud to attend the school. They are respectful to each other, staff and visitors.”
  • “School records show that pupils make strong progress in reading”
  • “Pupils make good progress in mathematics because they enjoy problem-solving activities.”


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