School Curriculum

The Lawrence House School Curriculum is under constant review. We make
changes to what students learn across school and within subjects based on their
feedback, progress and aspirations. We are immensely proud of the outcomes our
students achieve through our curriculum, in narrowing the gap and engagement in
education. The current curriculum is the next step on our journey towards this
curriculum intent:

Lawrence House School aims to provide a curriculum, which breaks down barriers
to learning in order to achieve high levels of attendance, which are often below the
national average by a high percentage. Our approximate average attendance
figure for 2019/2020 cohort pre admission to LHS – 25%. Using our holistic
wellbeing curriculum approach, we improve levels of self-efficacy. We are then
able to scaffold the core curriculum and develop a love of learning which allows
students to close the gaps in knowledge (on average our 2019/2020 cohort are
five academic years behind age appropriate attainment in both English and
Mathematics pre admission to LHS). As a result of the improvements in our
students’ attendance figures and engagement with our bespoke curriculum, they
make escalated progress which then empowers them to develop a real sense of

We equip them with the skills, knowledge and cultural capital they need to access
aspirational post-16 pathways and deal with the responsibilities and experiences
of later life.


Through our curriculum, we aim for students at Lawrence House School to
achieve and maintain a sense of wellbeing. This is accomplished through the
building of self-efficacy, which is consciously incorporated into all aspects of their
school experience: subject lessons, outdoor education, education resilience,
mental health literacy and the wider enrichment curricular opportunities that we offer.

The 3 outcomes we aspire for every pupil to achieve are to become Prepared for the Future, Responsible Citizens and equipping them to become Lifelong Learners.


This means that our curriculum in every subject is planned to ensure students
leave with exceptional outcomes, both in their academic achievements and in their
personal development.

We ask  every child to strive for personal excellence as well as leaving with the right qualifications to prepare them for the next stage.

The curriculum serves a clear purpose and is broad and balanced. The curriculum
journey for each young person is bespoke and is a direct response to their prior
attainment levels as well as their social emotional needs. The curriculum delivery
focuses on high levels challenge, enjoyment and breadth of experience.


Alongside Mathematics, English, Sciences, we deliver a thematic curriculum which
makes meaningful links between foundation subjects whilst focusing heavily on the
life skills, which are of paramount importance for those in our cohort. We give
more curriculum time to learning outside of the classroom as we understand that
for many learners there is a deficit in prior enriched life experiences.






Students are allocated a bespoke ‘route’ according to their ability and our
curriculum designed to bridge the gap into future study or employment upon
leaving Lawrence House School.
In addition to their assessed curriculum, students’ spiritual, moral, social and
health education continues in core lessons.
The list of qualifications and subjects currently taught are:

GCSE English
GCSE Mathematics

(A range of GCSE subjects based students interests and aspirations)

Open Awards Functional Skills English
Open Awards Functional Skills Mathematics
Open Awards Level 1 & 2 Award and Certificate in Science (RQF)

Open Awards Functional Skills ICT Entry Level 1,2 & 3 – Level 1 & 2.

ASDAN COPE/ AOPE Level 1/2/3
ASDAN PSHE Short course
ASDAN World of Work Short course
John Muir award in Outdoor Adventurous Education.
Duke of Edinburgh Award
Cultural Creative Curriculum

Unique Curriculum Features

School Initiatives
Holocaust Beacon School Candidate (nominated by University College London)
Inclusive LGBTQ+ School (Navajo and Leeds Beckett Award holders)

Beyond the Classroom
Beyond the classroom, we aim to open the door to a wide range of experiences
with the purpose of supporting social mobility.
 Cultural Creative Curriculum.
 John Muir Award in Outdoor Adventurous Education
 Duke of Edinburgh Award
For any more information about our curriculum, please contact us.

The pictures above show some of our CYP delivering a donation cheque to Claire House for the work they did fundraising for them in Summer term 2019. Their combined efforts raised £319.06.