Our 5 Sites






We operate across 5 school sites (two of which are registered Therapeutic Communities with the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Community of Communities) which cater for young people with a diverse range of complex needs and trauma-related behaviours.
One site educates young women stepping out of tier 4 adolescent mental health services. The young women may be self-harming or struggling with emotional regulation and self-worth.  One site educates young people who are Neurodiverse and may have additional learning needs or physical disabilities.  One site has a health and wellness focus working with young people who may be struggling with identity, self-confidence and has a strong focus on promotion of the student’s faith and ethnic and cultural heritage.
 All our sites are equipped to work with young people who suffer with adolescent mental health, self-harm and suicidality, social and emotional difficulties and high-risk behaviours.
All sites provide an integrated therapeutic, care and educational service to ensure quality education by implementing a robust, suitable and appropriate educational curriculum