Bluebell Cottage

Bluebell Cottage is a four-bed registered therapeutic community with the Community of Communities under the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Bluebell is located in a semi-rural locale and offers a lovely natural living space, providing a very nurturing ambient environment. Although not yet part of the QPC SPARCS programme, Bluebell provides a child-centred therapeutic approach. We work holistically and inclusively with the young people where the emphasis is on positive relationships and building resilience. Bluebell has the full support of the clinical team and young people receive both direct interventions and communal therapeutic approach.

Bluebell Cottage is a long-term community where young people require less intensive therapeutic crisis interventions but still require on-going therapeutic support and access. It has attached on-site education through Lawrence House School Independent Special School which is integrated into our therapeutic programme.  School staff are all trained in Mental Health First Aid and the school curriculum is bespoke to each student and scaffolded by the 5 ways to Wellbeing.  Bluebell Cottage has worked with young people in transitions from tier four services and also works with young people on the ASD spectrum.

Bluebell Cottage has worked successfully with young people with gender dysphoria supporting young people through transition and has a level of knowledge and experience in this area, working collaboratively with Tavistock and local trans community and support services.

A unique feature of Bluebell Cottage is that it has a one-bed standalone provision within its grounds. This has been used for semi-independent living, but also uniquely we have used this for young peoplewho struggle in group living and need that solo placement experience. We have successfully used this to integrate young people back into the main provision.

The home also has a standalone classroom in the home’s extensive garden and is able to offer a bespoke education through Lawrence House School.

A short virtual tour of Bluebell Cottage can be viewed below:


Mark Wellbelove, Manager at Bluebell cottage


Music Studio at Bluebell Cottage