Garth Mill

Garth Mill operates as flat in Knowsley that is a stepping stone towards independence. Garth Mill is a provision that allows young people to experience independence within a flat in the community. We are able therefore to offer a different and bespoke level of support and individualised programmes of semi-independence work with our young people. We work on familiarising and acclimatising young people into the rigours of the adult world, with emphasis on employment, as many of our young people will participate in QPC internal training programmes – first aid, health, and safety etc ensuring the young people are able to access apprenticeships and employment opportunities.

Upon leaving us, many of the young people living in QPC decide to stay close to their home – this is a good indicator that the young people feel a sense of attachment and belonging to the home they lived in and staff who cared for them. Some of the young people now work for QPC as support staff and mentors to our current young people. We encourage our young people who are coming up to independence to gain the skills and resilience for the SOCIAL WORLD. We have a range of programmes from the Resettlement Passport (training by landlords to equip new tenants) to actual step down provision and support, but like any transition from the known to the unknown, there needs to be clear planning and backup for when things become difficult. QPC has built up a community of care leavers that do and can support each other. The job is not done when a child leaves at 18. We are proud of our on-going to support our young people.