Testimonial from Harry, who was cared for and now works for QPC:

Hi, my name is Harry I am twenty-six now and I was looked after by QPC for several years when I was younger. I am now working for QPC as a member of staff in one of the homes that I lived in. QPC has been like a family to me and has helped me find my feet, even though I left many years ago they have always been there for me. Now I am proud to be able to use my experience as an ex-Greenwich child in care, to help other young people who need help.  Harry Smith


Testimonial from Neima, who was cared for and now works for QPC:

My name is Neima, I was cared for by QPC for several years at Bluebell Cottage. Although from London, I made here my home and QPC have supported me in this.  QPC has always been there for me and although I left care years ago, they have helped me reach my goal of getting a Midwife Placement at Edge Hill University.  They have been like my family.  I now work for QPC as a carer, and this also supports me whilst I study to achieve my dream.